Sister Neighborhood Arts Program (SNAP!) is a neighborhood level cultural IMG_4679 copyorganizing project that manifests the creative power of arts as catalyst for action and transformation among Northwood neighbors who want to partner across lines of difference. By developing a civic arts team, the project will foster community dialogue, empower youth, honor the talents of seniors, celebrate artists and situate art forms of all kinds in neighborhood and non-traditional spaces. SNAP will investigate how civic arts practice, with its attending challenges to collaborate with a sense of equity, respect and sharing power, can be a model for addressing social and civic concerns.

Our Values and Goals

SISTER: trust, relationships, crossing borders, inter-generational

… WE manifest collaboration across lines of difference — people, ages, and places.

NEIGHBORHOOD: citizen artists, passions, skills, residents, the environment, history

… WE cultivate a naturally occurring cultural district among residential, public, commercial and non-traditional spaces. By sparking the creativity of citizen artists and surfacing the artistry that already exists, we also look at our shared history and future in Northwood.

ARTS: civic theatre, media arts, music, public art installations, indigenous arts, circus arts, culinary arts, healing arts, festivals

… WE produce art that captures the imaginations, tells the stories and encourages the participation of residents in Northwood.

PROGRAM: sustainability, partners, MCM’s five priority areas, stakeholders, governance, funding

… WE develop a cultural plan that uses the creative power of arts and culture as a catalyst for action and transformation.

SNAP! is a project supported by a grant from the OSI-Baltimore Community Fellowship Program of the Open Society Institute — Baltimore. To read a profile of SNAP! and OSI Fellow Brian Francoise go to